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Thinking of Home Improvements or Upgrades? Smart Spending & Saving!

By upgrading your HVAC equipment you can not only save money on your utilities you can live more comfortably as well. For many this is a well thought out process where they price out a few different people and take their time to do research, think about it, plan for the expense. For some its an emergency repair or replacement that they have not planned for…

For anyone, upgrading your home’s HVAC System it is costly, this is a major part of your home. This winter we have already had a handful customers who were in emergency situations to replace furnaces which were unsafe or died, unfortunately we also had some others who we weren’t able to help due such a high demand we had for heating calls or replacements. Our technicians and both Jamie (owner + tech) and Mike (sales) all had a very very busy time of course in between the various flu bugs that were also going around!

With income tax refund time right around the corner, I read this great piece of information from Readers Digest…

Make your new year’s resolution to save more money this year. Here are a few steps to get you started.

1. Divy up any unexpected income.

When you have a windfall — a bonus, gift, or extra cash for extra work — use the rule of thirds to determine how to use it: • One third for the past. Use one third to pay down debt you owe. • One third for the future. Put a second third immediately into some sort of savings or investment. • One third for the present. Use the final third to make a home or personal improvement or purchase you want. If you follow this rule, you’ll see your debt shrink and your savings grow, and you won’t feel deprived.

Lucky for our customers we do offer them financing options that are much more affordable than using a credit card AND gives you the option of paying off as much as you want over and above your affordable monthly payment. I thought of not only myself but also some of our customers who may have had an emergency/unplanned repair or replacement. By using this thirds rule you can not only still make some improvements in your home you can also eliminate part of your debt!

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