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Kitchen and Bathroom Updates | Wellington North Plumber & Gas Technician

If you are thinking of updating your Kitchen and/or Bathroom the options and decisions can be extremely overwhelming!

Is bigger really better? Should you install tile or a shower unit? Do you need a bathtub or just a larger shower? Elongated or round toilet seats? Does a right height toilet really make a difference? Does it really matter? Should you install infloor heating into the bathroom floor?

First, start with a budget. You need to come up with a number that you are comfortable with and look within those price constraints.  Renovating your bathroom and/or kitchen is an investment into your home which will provide you many years of enjoyment and financial pay back should you decide to sell.

With the internet, many home owners are extremely knowledgeable prior to contacting their plumbing and heating contractor.  HGTV Remodels has inspiring ideas for your kitchen and bath to help get you started.

Tips From Our Pro’s

    • Do your research on products – don’t get sucked into flashy features you may never use.
    • Sit on a toilet with an elongated bowl, round bowl and one that is right height.
    • Doing a complete renovation on your kitchen and bathroom is not for a DIY’er – this is something that should be left to the professionals.
    • If you need to move any plumbing, ensure this is done before you install flooring or paint.
    • Measure twice – always!
    • Quality over quantity – if you are spending the money you want to get value products and services from brands and a business who will stand behind their product. Look for products with a great manufacturers warranty.
    • If you purchase your own products and have the plumber install them, if a problem ever arose it *may* not be as easy to fix – one stop shopping with ordering your fixtures and having them installed will ensure if there were any problems the records are all in one place.
    • Consider the age of the plumbing in your house – does it need to be upgraded in your mechanical room before you can upgrade your bathroom or kitchen?
    • If you are not design savvy work with a cabinet maker or hardware store to ensure your kitchen or bathroom is laid out properly to maximize efficiency and save on any costly mistakes.
    • If you are getting a solid surface counter top – you will need a minimum of 24 hours for it to set prior to your faucet and plumbing being reconnected.
    • It takes time – Plan accordingly.
    • Ask family and friends!
    • Most important – have fun with it!

Some of your options for your kitchen and bathroom.

Stainless steel kindred kitchen sink and faucet set in an upgraded laminate counter with a very stylish and modern tile back splash.



4 foot walk in shower with glass doors.


American standard basin lavatory sink with a simple faucet set.


Undermount American Standard lavatory basin with a Moen single lever faucet.


Corner Shower with glass sliding doors.


Closeup of the corner glass sliding doors for the shower.


Kitchen faucet and drinking water with an undermount stainless steel sink.


4 foot shower with glass sliding doors slightly frosted


Bathtub with glass sliding doors slightly frosted.


Custom bathroom sink and faucet for a powder room.


Undermount sink and faucet.


Whirlpool tub installed ready for the tile or skirt.

Pull out kitchen faucet with drinking water and upgraded undermount kitchen sink.


Kitchen bar faucet and dual sink – one side is larger than the other – perfect for prep !


Custom bathroom fixtures.


Custom tiled shower with slide shower bar.


Kitchen bar faucet.


Pull out faucet showing the wand coming out of the faucet and the water on.

Toilets are available in colours other than white.


Bathroom sink faucet.


Custom tiled shower complete with body jets, rain shower head and slide shower bar.


Bathtub surround with shower bar and angled shower curtain rod.


Farm house kitchen sink with a pull out kitchen faucet.


Stainless steel sink and faucet set ready to be connected to the plumbing.

Why everyone woman should know something about plumbing… and when to call a professional!

 As a woman growing up in a plumbing and heating family business Ive heard my fair share of horror stories over the years! One thing that is for sure is that for a woman it is so very beneficial to have some sort of a clue when it comes to your plumbing system in your home!

After all… we all know “A Royal Flush Is Better Than A Full House!”

Although I lived as a child with my father who was a plumber and heating technician (and…etc) I never really paid THAT much attention to how things work until I had my own house. For one thing the old homes in town have REALLY old pipes that need to be replaced in a lot of homes – our first home was one of them, I was so glad to get rid of those old galvanized pipes – over time they built up on the inside, flaked off gross things and our water pressure was awful! We had the pipes replaced and amazing how much better the water pressure, flow and colour was – such a difference!

Being new to country living now having a well and septic this very hot dry weather we have been having has certainly been something to be mindful about with water.

Even certain plumbing issues within the home which may seem small or simple, could actually be your worst nightmare! A small leak – which can typically be detected during routine cleaning can be your biggest warning sign – seeing water on the inside of your bathroom vanity or under your kitchen sink, never assume its just by chance. Within my own home again, while cleaning under the sink I found our drain had been leaking, thankfully it was an easy fix, however if it had been left much longer it could have begun to rot out the inside of the cupboard and work its way through the ceiling of the basement – which then becomes a huge, dirty and expensive mess!  Did you know even a small hair line crack in your bathroom basin drain (silver part) can cause a lot of damage! Did you know even if your toilet ran a very small amount this small issue could infact be using  wasting many gallons of water!

It truly pays to hire a professional! Did you know that even as the home owner you could be liable if a handy man gets hurt at your home?! Yup its true! If you hire someone to do work, it does not matter that you have hired them, what matters is if they actually have WSIB coverage and insurance. If they don’t … you are on the line for any accidents OR damage which could happen due to the repair or install. Of course everyone is not perfect, yes even pros’ can have a slip up or make a mistake, this is where having business insurance is smart!

Take a walk through your basement, become familiar with where the pipes run, where your plumbing appliances are (softener, hot water heater etc), do monthly checks of your faucets and drains to ensure there isnt any leaks or cracks. If you live in the country and have a septic system, find out where it is, figure out when it was last pumped, do not wait until you are in an emergency situation to call for help!

Preventative Maintenance is a very valuable investment as a home owner, very common with vehicles, however over looked by many property owners.

Give us a call at 1-866-565-5513 or 519-323-2000 and speak to Pam  to book your preventative maintenance appointment where we will send a qualified plumber out to do a thorough inspection of your plumbing system.

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