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Meet the Plumber of the Month for May! For Moen Plumber’s Partner!

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Meet our Plumber of the Month for May!

Posted by The Plumber’s Partner on Tue, May 15, 2012

Congratulations to our Plumber of the Month: J.J. McLellan & Son Plumbing & Heating!

At Moen The Plumbers Partner, we partner with many hardworking plumbers every day – and want to highlight J.J McLellan & Son Plumbing & Heating as our Plumber of the Month!

Plumber of the Month for MayJ.J. McLellan & Son Plumbing & Heating has been in business for more than 60 years and through 4 generations! They offer the highest level of comfort control for residents and businesses within and surrounding the Mount Forest community. They offer their customers efficient, reliable and cost effective heating, air conditioning and indoor air quality products along with custom bathroom and kitchen plumbing fixtures.

JJ McLellan & Son goes beyond the heating and air conditioning equipment to look at the whole house as a system. This enables them to solve not only your heating and cooling but also your plumbing system as well.

Connect with J.J. McLellan & Son Plumbing & Heating:

Visit their Website: https://www.jjmclellan.ca/index.php

Follow them on Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/jjmclellanHVAC

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From Pam on behalf of JJ McLellan & Son – we are honoured to have been chosen by Moen to be recognized as their Plumber of the Month of May! Thank you. We take great pride in the services and products we offer here at our shop. We are the home comfort people ! If you are thinking of a home renovation or upgrading your fixtures or appliances give us a call for a FREE No-Obligation Quote!

Quality & Attention to Detail – Guest Bathroom

This is a custom “spare”bathroom our technicians installed. The home owner picked out ever specific detail to make this bathroom its own room with details to set this bathroom apart. Not only is their decorative taste enjoyed in their own ensuite bathroom and kitchen, but also in the washroom’s their guests will be using.

Quality and attention to detail set this bathroom apart. A room that could easily be over looked or skimped on with less expensive fixtures and a plain decor design, however especially for a spare bathroom quailty is where you want to pay attention to, for a room which will not see as much use as what the ensuite will, you want to be sure with quality fixtures they will last long and stay functioning even when they are used only seldomly. It may financially make more sense to put less expensive fixtures in a spare bathroom, however these less expensive fixtures will not have the lifetime quality fixtures do and could fail much sooner. This guest bathroom truly does stand out and follows in line with the decor and design in the rest of the home. It is truly beautiful and although custom will be a design that will last a long time.



Union Gas – Residential & Business

As your local Union Gas Dealer we want to ensure our customers are informed of programs happening, especially programs that can directly benefit !

For Businesses, Union Gas has come out with a new savings program.


You can save on :

  • Space Heating Programs
  • Water Heating Programs
  • Cooking Programs
  • Engineering Projects

Check out the link above!

For Residential Customers they have made changes that can truly benefit their customers directly.

  • Credit Card Payment Acceptance
  • Late Payment Charges – 20 vs 16 days to pay
  • Equal Billing Plan – customers can now join in any month of the year
  • Account Adjustments – will be clearly explained on invoices
  • Security Deposit Options – if the customer enrolls in equal billing and the automatic payment plan this deposit will be waived
  • Security Deposit Amount – will be taken on 2 average invoice amounts rather than the 2 highest invoices

You can see all of these changes at http://uniongas.com/residential/eflyers/2012/conditionsServiceMar.asp .

Remember that Union Gas has their incentive to switch to Gas as well! Give our office a call if you are interested in switching over to gas and Mike can help you! 519-323-2000