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Why A Water Softener Is A Benefit To Your Home or Business | Plumbing System

Are you considering installing a water softener in your home? You may be if you are finding your clothes are not washing properly or the soap does not lather in the shower, perhaps your skin is very dry as well.

There are different options when it comes to water treatment and we are equipped to handle all of them from simple water softening to iron or sulfur removal.

Having a qualified and licensed plumber install your water treatment system you can rest assured that it will be installed properly and any adjustments or plumbing re-routing can be done by the same plumber who can install your system – saving you from having to make a second call if there are any issues with your plumbing prior to the install.

Benefits to having a water softener:
• Your hair and skin will feel cleaner, soap will rinse away without leaving any residue.
• Your dishes will come cleaner with less residue or spots.
• Your soaps and shampoo will lather better.
• The fabric of your clothing will be softer without the use of fabric softener.
• Your appliances will benefit from soft water by not having the hard water build up, making them run more efficient and overall last longer.
• Your water heater will heat the water up faster and over the years there will not be as much build up inside when soft water is used, as there would be with hard water and lime build up.
• Your pipes and drains will run cleaner with less residue and build up, which over the years can result into major problems if they accumulate too much and eventually plug up which may cause a back up in your home.

We deal with Greenway Water Technologies for our Water Softeners. Below is information from their website. Click on the title to go to their website.


Greenway Water Softeners
Greenway Water Technologies’ Water Softener systems are Engineered for Health and Designed for Life.

How does a Water Softener work?
Hard water is found in various regions globally. In North America, hard water is prevalent Calcium, magnesium and other ions are found in “hard” water. These hard water ions can interfere with your plumbing and potentially decrease the efficacy of water heaters and other water appliances because of the build-up of lime scale. Soap and cleaning products’ effectiveness are also affected and therefore are not as efficient.

Water Softeners usually work on the principle of replacing the hardness ions (calcium and magnesium) with sodium ions through the use of ion exchange resin. The hard water to be treated is passed through a bed of the resin. Negatively-charged resins absorb the hardness ions, which are positively charged (Ca++, Mg++). The ion exchange resins most commonly contain Sodium (but can be found in potassium and hydrogen form also). Calcium and magnesium ions in the hard water replace these sodium ions on the resin, therefore decreasing the calcium and magnesium in the water, making soft water with no formation of lime scale

When all of the resin is “full” of the calcium and magnesium hardness ions, the softener regenerates by allowing high concentrations of sodium chloride (salt) to be reintroduced onto the resin, taking the place of the calcium and magnesium ions and discarding them into the discharge drain water. The water softener is then ready to be used once again.

How are Greenway® Water Softeners different than other water softeners?
At Greenway Water Technologies, we take your water treatment seriously. We have collaborated, researched and designed water softening systems with our customers in mind.

There are four categories of Greenway® water softeners, each with its’ own unique features and characteristics based on your level of hard water and water flow requirements.

Our Greenway® Standard Series water softener line includes two options; either an easy to use Clack 3 over 2 valve with bypass, resin tank, and salt tank OR a metered Fleck Valve including bypass, resin tank and salt tank.
The Greenway® Advance series water softener line additionally includes our unique Greenway® valve head with bypass and added collar, resin tank and salt tank.
The Greenway® Pro Series water softeners are our NSF certified units come in a variety of sizes. These will be available later this year (2011).
Our Greenway® Cabinet water softeners are designed to be compact and are used when space is minimal. Some customers prefer this style of water softener as the resin tank and salt tank are built into one cabinet. Our customers can program in their own water hardness based on desired salt usage (low, medium or high salt settings) for effective results.


Click the photo below to see all the products offered by Greenway which can be installed by our Plumbers.

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Meet our Plumber of the Month for May!

Posted by The Plumber’s Partner on Tue, May 15, 2012

Congratulations to our Plumber of the Month: J.J. McLellan & Son Plumbing & Heating!

At Moen The Plumbers Partner, we partner with many hardworking plumbers every day – and want to highlight J.J McLellan & Son Plumbing & Heating as our Plumber of the Month!

Plumber of the Month for MayJ.J. McLellan & Son Plumbing & Heating has been in business for more than 60 years and through 4 generations! They offer the highest level of comfort control for residents and businesses within and surrounding the Mount Forest community. They offer their customers efficient, reliable and cost effective heating, air conditioning and indoor air quality products along with custom bathroom and kitchen plumbing fixtures.

JJ McLellan & Son goes beyond the heating and air conditioning equipment to look at the whole house as a system. This enables them to solve not only your heating and cooling but also your plumbing system as well.

Connect with J.J. McLellan & Son Plumbing & Heating:

Visit their Website: https://www.jjmclellan.ca/index.php

Follow them on Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/jjmclellanHVAC

You can be Moen’s Plumber of the Month next month! Sign-up now.

From Pam on behalf of JJ McLellan & Son – we are honoured to have been chosen by Moen to be recognized as their Plumber of the Month of May! Thank you. We take great pride in the services and products we offer here at our shop. We are the home comfort people ! If you are thinking of a home renovation or upgrading your fixtures or appliances give us a call for a FREE No-Obligation Quote!