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Be Prepared Before Snow| Farmers’ Almanac Predicts Nasty Winter

We are back to enjoying the heat of the summer with warnings of a very nasty, cold and snow covered winter.

Are you going to be ready?

As a Plumbing and Heating company, this past winter was slightly crazy and kept our guys on their toes. There are a few things you can do before the snow flies to be proactive in preparation of the winter that is predicted to arrive!

  • When is the last time you had your septic pumped out?
    This is especially important if your lines run under a road, driveway or parking lot. Cars will push the frost down and with last winter we had a few plugged septic lines because they froze!
  • Check all your taps
    Inside and out for any leaks. Especially your outside taps.
  • Have you turned on your heating system to test it?
  • When is the last time you had your heating system cleaned and serviced?
  • Do you have furnace filters
    Changing your filters is extremely important, especially when your system is heating or cooling. Ensure you have at least a few on hand so when you think about it, you are able to change the filter!
  • Is your home properly sealed
    Check your doors and window seals, especially if the wind blows right against them.

The Canadian Winter Forecast from The Farmers’ Almanac is predicting “below-normal temperatures for about three-quarters of the country…” and “The coldest outbreak of the season will come during the final week of January into the beginning of February when frigid arctic air drops temperatures across the Prairies to perhaps 40 below zero. As the frigid air blows across the Great Lakes, snow showers and squalls will drop heavy amounts of snow to the lee of the Lakes for such localities as Houghton, Goderich, Owen Sound, and Sault Ste Marie.”
Information from the FarmersAlmanac.Com

Don’t get caught in the cold.

  • Have you considered a back up heat for if the power goes out?
    A gas fireplace provides heat even if the power is out, the fan will not operate, however the fireplace will heat. This can be especially important for a basement in a home to keep the pipes from freezing and would be appreciated on the main level of a home to provide a heat source should the power go out.
  • Do you have your outer wear ready?
    Especially important for kids – have you gone through their things to ensure they fit or purchased what they need new.