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Spring Cleaning | Septic Systems

With the first official long weekend to truly kick off Spring I know many of us will be doing some spring cleaning of some kind whether its in the house or outside in our yards and garden’s.

When it comes to Spring Cleaning its good to remember your Septic System every 3-5 years to ensure your waste water and sewage continues to flow without issues!

Do you know the last time your septic system was pumped?

Depending on the number of people living in your home, will dictate how often the tank should be pumped. The system is designed to naturally break down solids and then over time will flow out into the weeping bed from the system to properly drain into the ground.

If the tank has not been pumped regularly and the solids level becomes too high this can cause issues in the pipe from your home to the tank and also from the tank out into the weeping bed. What happens is the system cannot properly break down the solids when there is more solids than water. If this happens the solids could then begin to flow out to the bed, however as they are solids this will then cause a blockage and could potentially cause a sewage backup in your basement if not rectified properly and in a timely manner.

The other thing that could potentially cause issues is if you use too much water and the bed becomes saturated. If you are suddenly using a lot of water, the system will not have time to break down as its designed to and much of the water will just flow out to the bed. If its flowing to the bed, this is good, however ideally the best scenario is for the water to go into the first chamber of the tank with the solids, begin the breakdown process, then flow out into the bed.

How do you know if your tank is in need of a cleaning or there is a problem with the weeping bed?

  • If its been over 5 years since the last time you had it pumped.
  • If you are hearing gurgling from your toilets or drains.
  • If you notice wet spots over the weeping bed.
  • If your drains are not draining.


  • Its also important to remember to not plant any trees or bushes around the weeping bed as the roots can grow into the system and cause blockages.
  • Do not pour any oils or grease down the drain as they will harden in the tank and will cause blockages.
  • Do not put any feminine products down the septic system. These will not break down and will pose a potential blockage issues.

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Funnel Clouds & Thunder Storms || Mount Forest Plumbing & Heating

We have had an evening of many watches, warnings, rain and even some funnel clouds spotted IN some of our customers areas. We hope that everyone is safe and sound!

With all the rain we have had and what is predicted with the thunder, lightening and rain as well as the power flickers, be sure that your sump pumps are running properly, if we get a lot more rain there could be some wet basements if pumps didn’t turn on again!

Follow our local news at www.fm102.ca – they are continuing to update on facebook and twitter as well to keep everyone in our area well informed!

Stay safe!

Unscrupulous Water Testers || Public Service Annoucement

Information from the FM 102 Website Local News

Thursday, March 17, 2011 1:10 pm
Southgate is concerned that unscrupulous water testers are going door-to-door offering health-based testing. Southgate CAO Dave Milliner says it is very important that the public is aware that these sorts of businesses sometimes use trickery to convince residents their drinking water is unsafe. The Ministry of the Environment says door-to-door water tests do not tell if water is safe to drink. More information is available from local municipalities or health units.

WOWSA Business Showcase

Come on out to the WOWSA Showcase tomorrow night (Thursday) at Pike Lake from 6-9pm ! Pam will be there representing JJ McLellan & Son as well as Pamela Zmija Photography! We have some great draws for FREE stuff – Regency Fireplace & Mini Photo Session as well I’ll have tickets for sale – 3 for $10 to help support the Mount Forest Jr C Patriots to WIN a Furnace, Photography Session, Golf for 4 at Pike Lake, Bed Quilt or $100 Gift Cert for Paint Ball!

It is supposed to be a great night! Hope you can join us 🙂


Our Company – JJ McLellan & Son is proud to be participating in the WOWSA (Women of Wellington/Saugeen Area) Showcase!

Hope to see you there… details below!

Thursday November 18, 2010
6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Pike Lake Golf & Country Club

Free Admission

An opportunity to discover the many businesses owned and/or operated by women in the
Wellington & Saugeen areas!

Great Christmas Shopping Opportunity!

Hot & Cold Appetizers Provided

Cash Bar

For a list of participating businesses visit www.mintochamber.on.ca

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