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Welcome Spring – With Snow & Showers

Its been an interesting start to 2023 Spring, however Im sure all would agree this is a “normal” Ontario Spring where we are teased with some gorgeous summer like weather and then are hit with the snow again 😉

As we are eagerly awaiting the return of our spring weather here are some tips and hints to make the most of your own property!

  • Pump your septic – the spring is a great time to get your septic cleaned out so that you are confident you will be flushing great all year long! We pump out BOTH sides of the septic tank – the liquid and solid. Our driver is extremely knowledgeable and can also pick up on any potential issues for you! A royal flush is better than a full house!
  • Clean and Service HVAC System – this is for your Furnace/Boiler, Air Conditioner, Water Heater, HRV etc. They work hard for us and are able to last even longer when cared for with maintenance! Preventative maintenance can also pick up on issues before they get bad – like the furnace quitting in the middle of the winter!
  • Turn on your outside taps – we highly recommend turning the water supply off to your outside taps during the winter to prevent any freezing or possible water damage. The frost free faucets are much better, however its still good to turn off. Also if you possibly forgot this fall, its a good thing to remove your hose before the winter also, they can hold water and potentially cause issues!
  • Keeping in mind, being friendly to nature, “they” say its not good to do yard or garden clean up too soon, the bee’s also appreciate the dandelions as their first feed so if you can stand a bit of yellow, let it mellow for a bit 😉
  • Clean up around outside vents – ensure they are clear from any debris (especially plastic) and any plant material.

The spring is a great time to begin any projects you were thinking of over the winter

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Spring Promotion begins today!

Our Spring Promotions have begun!!!

Not only can you get paid to upgrade your heating system with rebates you can also save energy on your heating and cooling AND we can also offer you Financing with 90 days NO payments NO interest and the flexibility to pay the entire balance whenever you want AND for a very small cost we can also offer you a 10 year Complete Care Warranty on your heating system (or just a furnace, AC, hot water heater etc) which covers labour and parts!!! Complete peace of mind from a company who has been around for 4 family generations… since 1948!

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Nasties You’re Breathing In – Lennox | Comfort Matters Spring 2011

Lennox Comfort Matters Spring 2011

Nasties you’re breathing (and what to do about them)

1. Mold spores, which can be bad for both your health and your home furnishings. Mold thrives where there is too much moisture and natural fibers to feed the spores. To avoid the musty odors, window condensation and wood warping that can result from mold growth, see our online guide. Pairing a dehumidification system and air cleaner provides the best results for mold control.

2. Pet dander, which can stay airborne for hours. Use a brush to catch pets’ loose fur and bathe animals frequently. Air cleaners can also trap pet dander.

3. Unpleasant odors that can linger. Run an exhaust fan in the kitchen or bath to reduce excess humidity and odors, but don’t forget to turn it off afterwards.

4. Dust, and the irritating mites that live in it. Use a damp cloth to pick up dust instead of simply stirring up particles. Wash sheets at least once a week in hot water. Change your furnace and air conditioning filter once a month to control dust.

5. Ozone, ironically from something you use to clear the air. Many electronic particle air cleaners can actually produce ground-level ozone, a manmade pollutant that can aggravate asthma or bronchitis. Rest assured that Lennox Healthy Climate® air systems DO NOT produce harmful ozone.

6. Bacteria, some of which can cause serious illnesses. Wash fresh fruits and vegetables thoroughly, and clean sink drains twice a week with an antibacterial solution. Limit unwanted moisture throughout your home.

7. Pollen, triggering asthma or hay fever symptoms. Change clothes when you come home at the end of the day, and remove your shoes when you enter the house. A HEPA air filter can help clear the air effectively.

8. Mildew, a problem with high humidity. Keep your home’s humidity levels between 30% and 60% to control mildew; run your air conditioner to help reduce unwanted moisture, and install a dehumidification system.

9. Viruses, which spread under the right conditions. The same conditions that can cause mildew to spread – poor ventilation and too much moisture in the home – should also be addressed to control the viruses that can worsen sore throats, asthma and other respiratory problems.

10. Chemical vapors that lead to headaches, dizziness and respiratory problems. Be sure to air out dry-cleaned clothes before hanging them in your closet. Also avoid using scented deodorizers, and consider a PureAir™ air purification system that cleans your home’s air better than any other single system you can buy.

The above information is courtesy of Lennox
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How to Conserve Hot Water || Mount Forest Plumber

This is some great information I found on saveonenergy.ca to help you not only save hot water but save money by saving hot water!


General Plumbing Tips

•Save 15% of your home’s hot water use by taking quick showers instead of baths.
•Install low-flow shower heads.
•Turn your taps all the way off and replace worn out washers.
•Attach an aerator to the end of a faucet to reduce the flow rate by about half.
•Do as much household cleaning as possible with cold water rather than hot.
•Only run full loads in the dishwasher. Use the air dry (or energy saver) option if available. Heat drying is a high energy user.
•Rinse dishes in a tub of clean water instead of under hot running water.
•Fix any leaky taps. One constant drip can waste up to 182 litre-sized bottles of water per week. If it’s a hot water tap that’s leaking, you’re sending your energy dollars down the drain.


•Repair leaky taps, which can waste 182 litre-sized bottles of water per week.
•Ensure that taps are turned off completely.
•Replace worn-out washers.

Hot Water Heaters
After home heating, water heaters use the most energy in the home. Take advantage of the small things you can do to maximize your savings.

•Fix any leaky taps. One constant drip can waste up to 182 litre-sized bottles per week. If it’s a hot water faucet that’s leaking, you’re sending your energy dollars down the drain.
•To save water and energy, install aerators on your kitchen faucets.
•Wrap your electric water heater with a blanket made for that purpose to help reduce heat loss.
•Insulate your hot water pipes.


•Starting at your hot water tank, install pipe insulation around the first metre of the cold water pipe coming into the tank and the first two metres of the hot water copper pipes.
•If you have a gas-heated tank, start the pipe wrap 15cm away from exhaust vents at the top of the water heater.
•Never insulate plastic pipes.


•Install a low-flow showerhead to reduce the flow of water 40 to 60%.

Sunshine & Snow || Mount Forest Plumbing & Heating

We are all loving this sunshine we have been blessed with these past couple of days, warm sun shine and melting snow… certainly gives us the feeling that Spring is in the Air!

However… in our little town of Mount Forest, with all the snow we have gotten – when it begin’s melting we want our home and business owners to be prepared for what could come with a thaw!

Please ensure your sump pumps are in proper working order. Even if they are in proper working order it is a good idea to have an alarm on your sump pumps just.in.case!

If you would like information on sump pumps give us a call or connect on our website www.jjmclellan.ca to send us an email!