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Comfort Matters – December 2010 || Lennox Heating

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11 minutes to a better year
Comfort Q&A
Energy Tips
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We know you’re busy with last-minute shopping, but we’d like to be the first to wish you a Happy New Year – and help you get a head start on 2011. Don’t worry, this won’t take long: In just minutes, you can make your home cleaner and more comfortable, and save money in the year ahead.
Do you have 11 minutes?

Top 10
Technologies we love
10. Heating (and cooling) homes with the sun
9. Back-up power that’s on in seconds
8. Thermostats that think for themselves
7. Heaters that make the garage homey
6. Hospitals’ HEPA technology for a cleaner home
See how they work.
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Comfort Q’s

Should I worry about CO?

You can’t see it, smell it or taste it, but CO or carbon monoxide can accumulate in any home, creating an invisible threat to your health. While home heating systems represent only five percent of potential CO sources, scheduling annual HVAC maintenance is an important step to helping you breathe easier.

Let’s clear the air.

Clean and green

Get a jump start on a healthier, greener new year:
Download a list of natural and effective cleaning options for your home.

Energy Tips

There are no stupid questions

Have a question about home comfort and saving energy? Check the Frequently Asked Questions section on Lennox.com and chances are you’ll find the answer there – because someone else has already asked it.

Top three FAQs.


Just 2 weeks left for tax credits!

The end of the year means the end of up to $1,500 in income tax credits for purchases of heating and cooling equipment. Installing an efficient new furnace or heat pump can also help cut your energy bills now and for years to come.
Act now to cut your monthly expenses and your April 15th tax bill.

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Comfort Matters – 11 Minutes to a better year || Lennox Heating

Comfort Matters – December 2010 Newsletter

11 minutes to a better year
Comfort Q&A
Energy Tips
Top 10
Top Bottom Left

11 minutes to a better year

It’s late December and the clock is ticking away the last of 2010. Fortunately, you only need a few minutes to make 2011 easier – on your health, your home and your bank account.

In just 11 minutes, you can:

1. Set your thermostat as low as is comfortable to save energy. Every degree you raise the thermostat setting in winter can increase your heating bill three percent. So slip on a sweater and socks and set the indoor temperature two or three degrees lower.

2. Mark your calendar to change your HVAC filter regularly. Dirty filters cause your furnaceto work harder, and can be harder on your allergies, too. Changing your filter once a month – at least during summer and winter, once every three months during the shoulder seasons – is better for your health and your HVAC system.

3. Install rubber gaskets behind switch plates on exterior walls. Available from home-improvement stores, the gaskets help stop cold air from entering through electrical outlets.

4. Change a light bulb. Better yet, change out five standard incandescent bulbs for CFLs in your most frequently used fixtures. If every home did this, it would prevent the production of one trillion pounds of greenhouse gases.

5. Close the doors on your fireplace when it’s not in use. Fireplaces look and feel cozy, but they are essentially an open door to the elements.

6. Check your home’s air filtration systems. Unless you own an ozone-free filtration system, it may be doing your home more harm than good.

7. Take just a moment to slip off your shoes as soon as you walk in the front door to helpreduce dust and other contaminants swirling in your home. Setting out a basket with house slippers near the door encourages family and guests to do the same.

8. Replace kitchen sponges weekly. Used sponges provide the moist environment bacteria need to breed. As an alternative soak sponges in bleach 15 minutes to help kill the 100,000 bacteria inhabiting every square inch.

9. Unplug battery chargers or power adapters when they’re not in use, and use a power strip as a single disconnect point. Electronics still draw a small amount of electricity even when they’re turned off, and a power strip allows you to completely disconnect the power supply when units aren’t in use.

10. Walk around your home to be sure furniture and draperies aren’t blocking air registers. No matter how effective your heating and cooling systems are, they can’t keep you comfortable if the warmed or cooled air is blocked by sofas or curtains.

11. Schedule annual maintenance on your HVAC equipment to avoid wasting energy. Locate a technician near your home by downloading the Lennox app for your iPhone™ or Android mobile device or by using the Lennox locator online.

For more details on Lennox® products or to locate a Lennox Dealer near you, visit us online atwww.lennox.com.
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