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Tips for Staying Warm on this Cold Valentines Day & Family Day Weekend!

It’s another extremely cold winter day.

Cold temperatures with blowing snow, it can be a disaster for your home’s Plumbing and Heating!

1. Go out and dig ALL the snow away from all Heating vents – Furnace, Water Heater, Dryer, Fireplace. Blocked vents can cause your system to fail – it needs fresh air to breathe!

2. Some vents have a little screen in them (to stop critters from climbing up in) this can freeze over with the condensate exhausting from the furnace, if it does just pull it out and ensure the vents are completely 100% clear. Remember to replace this in the spring!!!

3. Prevent your water from freezing by running all your taps consistently over the day to keep water running through the pipes or leave a tap running. Especially if you have washrooms you rarely use.

4. If you do not have a heated basement get a heater for the mechanical room – A small room heater that is meant for indoor use will help! Also ensuring the room is well insulated will help too!

5. Its too late – your pipes have froze…
– Leave the cupboard doors open so heat can get to the pipes.
– Insulating your pipes will help as well or putting a piece of hard foam insulation at the back of the cupboards.
– Place a small heater close to the pipes – be very careful not to leave it in the cupboard and unattended – do not create a fire risk. If you do not have a small heater, a lamp will help provide extra heat.
– Open your taps so that the water has somewhere to expand to, if it does not this is when pipes will burst.
– It is essential to have heat in your mechanical room.
– Wherever your water pipes are outside do not drive over this area as it can push the frost down and cause pipes (and even sewage/septic lines) to freeze!

frozen copper pipe

6. No Heat – no one wants to wake up chilly, especially with temps as low as they are this morning! Do you have back up heat? Its always a good idea to ensure you have a heater or two just in case your heat goes out. A technician will get to you as soon as possible, however in the mean time this will help keep the chill off. Please do NOT use your stove, BBQ or any heater intended for outdoor use in your home – this could be potentially dangerous to you and your family. Start with re-setting your furnace, sometimes it will reset and start up. If this doesn’t work – ensure your vents are entirely clear – this includes down into the pipe where snow and ice can hide causing a blockage.

vents blocked with snowsnow blocked vents

7. Pets and Children… Please do NOT leave your pets out in these temperatures! It’s way too cold for children to play outside – make it a board game movie day or check out public skating.

8. Vehicles will need to warm up even just for a few minutes before driving.

9. Clear all the snow and ice away from all doors to ensure a proper latch for them to stay properly closed. In temperatures like this it won’t take much to cause problems!

10. It’s Family Day weekend, if you really do not need to go out, Don’t! Enjoy the day with your family and stay cozy warm!The sun is shining brightly but its darn cold out there!