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Focus on great food and fire safety during National Family Meals Month

I don’t know about you but I certainly know our family has enjoyed each and every moment that we could this summer (and still can)! This has meant many days are spent with later breakfasts, snacks vs lunch and late dinners to enjoy the gorgeous weather!

Even though my kids have been enjoying daycare camp this summer and have been in that routine, we are all looking forward to truly getting back into the swing of things and our “normal” routine!

One part of that, which we were just discussing as a family was doing a major cut back on the “convenience” food – which we do not eat a lot of at all, however it does seem to add up more in the summer! As a mom this means – MEAL PLANNING, sticking to a list and spending more time in the kitchen – easier in the fall and winter 😉

Get out your cookbooks, tablets or computers and begin collecting all of those recipes that you saw and thought you would like to give a try. Pinterest is awesome for this!!! Then it follows you wherever you go!

Get your kids involved!

Ive found when we get the kids to help out in the kitchen or help meal plan they love to try their creations! Have your older kids help with the actual cooking, there is no reason why they cannot be taught the proper use of a stove or cooktop and can assist you this way. We’ve reviewed this with our 9 year old and he is quite proud when I ask him to start the oven to a certain temperature or to start a pot of boiling water or to stir something on the stove. Obviously safety is key and if it involves oil or if we are not in the house this is a big no no!

Fire safety with gas is extremely important. Ensure your kids understand the risk and if they are old enough, how to properly turn on the stove. I personally would highly recommend not letting children try to start your BBQ – this is one thing we will not let our 9 year old do even though we now do let him turn on our gas cooktop. Its hard to see the flame and you have to maneuver yourself to light the BBQ, something I even have difficulty with. For the cooktop, if its clicking OR if its turned on and there is no flame – do not even question, turn it off and ask mom or dad to do it!

Start slowly with your kids and trust your instincts and them. Its hard to watch them grow and take on more responsibilities but its something that is such a great moral booster for them!

Source: Focus on great food and fire safety during National Family Meals Month