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Should you rent or buy your water heater, furnace or air conditioner?

This question is asked to our office on a weekly basis… should I rent or buy?

We personally have gotten away from renting and recommend buying for a variety of reasons. The biggest is the money in your pocket and worry free Comfort for 10 years (or more)!

There once was a time when leasing a vehicle was the way to go, you had a lower monthly payment, could get a new vehicle every few years… however you never actually owned that vehicle. You were simply “renting” by paying monthly for use of the vehicle. Major repairs were covered as the vehicle would be under warranty, maintenance was your responsibility – if you chose to of course. For some this is ideal, a new vehicle every few years, for many it’s a costly form of “owning” a vehicle without the ownership of the asset.

The HVAC industry has been in this trend for many years now with water heaters and more recently getting into furnace and air conditioner rentals.

What if we could offer you the convenience, security and freedom of rental monthly payments with the benefits of ownership of your equipment, oh and thousands of dollars in your pocket 😉

An affordable option of “rent to own” AND a selling feature if you were to sell your home in the next 10 years. Rental agreements cost money to get out of, depending on the age it could cost you hundreds of dollars and into the thousands for a newer tank or system.

We believe in offering our customer the very best value for their money – including protection for your equipment.

SNAP Financing is available for any home comfort improvement, renovation or repair. The financing is based on a monthly payment, 120 month fixed interest rate and the loan is open, which means there is no penalties for making additional payments or paying off the balance of the loan at any time.

We are able to offer our customers a 10 Year Parts and Labour Warranty Program  on home comfort appliances (including hot water heaters, furnaces, air conditioners, etc) and coverage can be customized for parts and/or labour coverage. If you were to sell your home the warranty is transferable, it stays with the equipment not the owner!

Check out the info below for SNAP vs RENTAL and give Mike a call for more info! If you would like to pre-qualify you can do so on our website at https://www.jjmclellan.ca/ and click on the button at the bottom of our home page – we can know within minutes if you are approved!

The button looks like this one below 🙂

SNAP Pre-Approval-2

By purchasing your Home Comfort System through SNAP Financial and adding on the 10 year warranty you can rest and breathe easy knowing that you have low monthly payments (with the option of paying off the principal whenever you want) and are covered should your equipment break down!

SFG SNAP vs Rental

Remember don’t get duped at the door! We do not do door to door sales and you have every right to refuse someone entry to you home!

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