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*NEW* Pay Invoices With Online Banking

For the convenience of our customers we now offer the option to pay your invoices online through online banking!

To add us as a Payee please follow the steps on your online banking profile to “add a payee” under bill payments.

Type in McLellan – you will be able to select “Hap McLellan Limited”.

Enter in your account number – this is your Customer Code on your invoice or statement and will be 6 letters and/or numbers in length. This account code is found in the top right hand corner. If you would like to receive a statement please provide us with your email.

Please pay off your invoice within 21 days of the work being complete.

Any invoices which go past due over 30 days will be subject to a 2% per month, 24% per annum interest charge which will accrue until the account is paid. We will not be mailing any statements – payment of the account is the customers responsibility when the invoice is sent.

We truly thank you and appreciate your business!

Should you rent or buy your water heater, furnace or air conditioner?

This question is asked to our office on a weekly basis… should I rent or buy?

We personally have gotten away from renting and recommend buying for a variety of reasons. The biggest is the money in your pocket and worry free Comfort for 10 years (or more)!

There once was a time when leasing a vehicle was the way to go, you had a lower monthly payment, could get a new vehicle every few years… however you never actually owned that vehicle. You were simply “renting” by paying monthly for use of the vehicle. Major repairs were covered as the vehicle would be under warranty, maintenance was your responsibility – if you chose to of course. For some this is ideal, a new vehicle every few years, for many it’s a costly form of “owning” a vehicle without the ownership of the asset.

The HVAC industry has been in this trend for many years now with water heaters and more recently getting into furnace and air conditioner rentals.

What if we could offer you the convenience, security and freedom of rental monthly payments with the benefits of ownership of your equipment, oh and thousands of dollars in your pocket 😉

An affordable option of “rent to own” AND a selling feature if you were to sell your home in the next 10 years. Rental agreements cost money to get out of, depending on the age it could cost you hundreds of dollars and into the thousands for a newer tank or system.

We believe in offering our customer the very best value for their money – including protection for your equipment.

SNAP Financing is available for any home comfort improvement, renovation or repair. The financing is based on a monthly payment, 120 month fixed interest rate and the loan is open, which means there is no penalties for making additional payments or paying off the balance of the loan at any time.

We are able to offer our customers a 10 Year Parts and Labour Warranty Program  on home comfort appliances (including hot water heaters, furnaces, air conditioners, etc) and coverage can be customized for parts and/or labour coverage. If you were to sell your home the warranty is transferable, it stays with the equipment not the owner!

Check out the info below for SNAP vs RENTAL and give Mike a call for more info! If you would like to pre-qualify you can do so on our website at https://www.jjmclellan.ca/ and click on the button at the bottom of our home page – we can know within minutes if you are approved!

The button looks like this one below 🙂

SNAP Pre-Approval-2

By purchasing your Home Comfort System through SNAP Financial and adding on the 10 year warranty you can rest and breathe easy knowing that you have low monthly payments (with the option of paying off the principal whenever you want) and are covered should your equipment break down!

SFG SNAP vs Rental

Remember don’t get duped at the door! We do not do door to door sales and you have every right to refuse someone entry to you home!

What To Know Before You Hire A Professional! | Mount Forest Plumbing and HVAC

When hiring a “professional” to do any work in your home or business there are a few things you must ask and look for! Especially if the professional is self employed… or even if the pro is full time employed, but does work on the side…

1. Do you have a valid license?
This isn’t a drivers license, this is a license to do what you’ve hired them to do.

2. Do you have experience?
Just because someone may have a license does not mean they have experience. Book smarts and hands on smarts are two very different things!

3. Do you own your own tools?

4. How can I pay you, how will I be invoiced?

5. Is there any warranty?

6. Do you have insurance?
This is huge. Many home owners as well as business owners do not know that even if they hire a “professional”, if this person does not have insurance (which is classed as self employed business insurance and WSIB) anything that may happen on the job site to this person is 100% the responsibility of the home or business owner.

Scary right… You the owner of the home or business could be liable should anything happen, and we all know that unfortunately bad things do happen!

Any reputable business or self employed professional should have no problem providing you with a current insurance policy as well as a WSIB Clearance Certificate. Also remember just because a professional works for a business, if they do work on the side there is no coverage unless they have their own!

Do your research before you hire anyone to do your work!

Every Summer Should Feel This Great | Mount Forest Premier Lennox Dealer Air Conditioning Benefits

An Air Conditioner is becoming more common in homes to provide ultimate home comfort year round and work as a HVAC Home Comfort System with the furnace.

Did you know that an air conditioner is designed to not only cool, but add to your comfort by removing humidity from the home !

During cooling season the air in your home will be cleaner and any pollutants and allergens will be caught in the filter – without central air conditioning the air would only be filtered during heating season. This is a benefit for those with allergies to ensure they are breathing clean air within their home.

Air Conditioning Systems are energy efficient with savings of hundreds of dollars each year in comparison to older models or “window shakers”, they are also very quiet with sound levels as low as 70dB.

The ultimate benefit for air conditioning in your home or business is comfort. Whether you are at home or work your productivity levels will be higher, you and your family will sleep sounder, the cost of being comfortable is much more affordable and if you upgrade your older unit the refrigeration in the newer units are less harmful to the environment!

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The Little Black Book of Scams | Protecting Our Loved Ones

The Competition Bureau has published The Canadian edition of The Little Black Book of Scams.

This book – which is available in hard copy, pdf or ebook is available on their website as a very easy to use reference guide to protect Canadians on many of the common scams including internet, phone and door to door.

You can find this book located online at The Little Black Book of Scams and can download or order your own copy. I have requested copies for our office and will advise when they arrive!

The book also offers “handy hints” (page 26-27) to protect yourself with your identity, money, telephone, email, internet and even face to face.

Towards the end of the book there is some great information of “What To Do If You Get Scammed!” (Page 28-30) and how to report it.

I highly recommend taking the time to download this book and passing it on to your loved ones.

Build The Perfect Weekend! | Mount Forest Fireworks Festival 2014 #myfireworksweekend

The fireworks festival for 2014 is simply days away! As a Top 100 Festival for over 5 years, this is one you do not want to miss!!!

Bring out your family and friends, capture great memories, explore what our festival and town have to offer!!!

Be sure to use the hastag #myfireworksweekend and you could WIN some great (local) prizes!


Air Conditioning Mini Split Options | Home or Business

A commercial customer was looking for the comfort of central air with the duct less option for a newly renovated office. The best of both worlds is a Mini Split Air Conditioning System.

A mini split system is much like central air as there is an outdoor and indoor unit. The difference is the indoor unit is in the room you would like it to cool.

Our customer chose to go with the Fujitsu Mini Split System. This particular unit includes this outdoor unit, which was safely mounted to the roof and indoor ceiling cassette’s. The difference between the Fujitsu units and the Lennox units is with the cassette’s Fujisu offer’s. Businesses or homes with t-bar ceiling can simply “drop” these cassette’s in where a ceiling tile would have been.

Some of the features of this Fujitsu System are:

  • Inverter Technology – now more economical to operate and quieter to run, handle greater extremes in temperature, are smoother and more stable in operation and can reach the desired temperature faster than conventional air conditioners.
  • Swing Louvers – the air flow direction is set automatically to match the operating mode.
  • Slender Fit – this design allows for the cassette’s to be installed with very limited ceiling space.
  • 4 Way Air Flow – Airflow in all directions maintains an even temperature throughout a space – perfect for in a corner or long hallways.
  • Simple Maintenance – There is a detachable and washable air intake grille and filter.
  • Humidity Control – this system features Dry Mode, which helps to control humidity levels even when cooling may not be needed.

Features of the Fujitsu Mini Split with Cassette System courtesy of the Fujitsu website.

Below is a photo of the outdoor unit for the Fujitsu system we installed.

Mini Split Outdoor Fujitsu with indoor cassette  IMG_20140705_135838_edit

The Lennox Mini Split System is an excellent addition for a home or business without forced air heating (and cooling) and offers a more affordable cost than ceiling cassette’s. If your home, business or shop has infloor heating this would be a great cooling option if you didn’t want to run ducts throughout the house. Also keeping in mind if you do have infloor heating and go with a mini split system for your cooling, we do still recommend having an HRV in your home (which is less ducts than forced air) to ensure you are able to bring fresh air in and remove stale air from the home.

Below is the Lennox Mini Split Air Conditioner System.


2014 Mini Split Lennox_MS8C-MS8H_Mini-Split_Systems-4

The Lennox unit is recognized by AHRI Certified, HRAI and is Energy Star Approved.

Features and Benefits – MS8C Mini Split Air Conditioner – Lennox

Energy Efficiency

  • Efficiency rating of up to 22 SEER
  • ENERGY STAR® qualified meets or exceeds EPA guidelines for energy efficiency
  • Inverter technology slowly ramps up system to full speed, delivering only the air that is needed
  • Unique design makes system safer and more efficient than traditional window units

Quiet Operation

  • Indoor sound levels as low as 26 dB
  • Outdoor sounds levels as low as 50 dB
  • Inverter technology slowly ramps up system to full speed, delivering ultra-quiet comfort

Home Comfort

  • Secure installation leave you less vulnerable to problems associated with window units, such as insects, weather elements and theft
  • Easy-to-use wireless remote control allows you to change the temperature to fit your comfort needs


  • Ductless design eliminates complicated installation or expensive modifications
  • Small, compact design blends into any room

Features and Benefits courtesy of the Lennox Residential Website. .

Please remember with all HVAC Equipment, regular maintenance is very important for not only the life and proper operating efficiency of the system but also for your health as well to ensure you are breathing clean air!

Kitchen and Bathroom Updates | Wellington North Plumber & Gas Technician

If you are thinking of updating your Kitchen and/or Bathroom the options and decisions can be extremely overwhelming!

Is bigger really better? Should you install tile or a shower unit? Do you need a bathtub or just a larger shower? Elongated or round toilet seats? Does a right height toilet really make a difference? Does it really matter? Should you install infloor heating into the bathroom floor?

First, start with a budget. You need to come up with a number that you are comfortable with and look within those price constraints.  Renovating your bathroom and/or kitchen is an investment into your home which will provide you many years of enjoyment and financial pay back should you decide to sell.

With the internet, many home owners are extremely knowledgeable prior to contacting their plumbing and heating contractor.  HGTV Remodels has inspiring ideas for your kitchen and bath to help get you started.

Tips From Our Pro’s

    • Do your research on products – don’t get sucked into flashy features you may never use.
    • Sit on a toilet with an elongated bowl, round bowl and one that is right height.
    • Doing a complete renovation on your kitchen and bathroom is not for a DIY’er – this is something that should be left to the professionals.
    • If you need to move any plumbing, ensure this is done before you install flooring or paint.
    • Measure twice – always!
    • Quality over quantity – if you are spending the money you want to get value products and services from brands and a business who will stand behind their product. Look for products with a great manufacturers warranty.
    • If you purchase your own products and have the plumber install them, if a problem ever arose it *may* not be as easy to fix – one stop shopping with ordering your fixtures and having them installed will ensure if there were any problems the records are all in one place.
    • Consider the age of the plumbing in your house – does it need to be upgraded in your mechanical room before you can upgrade your bathroom or kitchen?
    • If you are not design savvy work with a cabinet maker or hardware store to ensure your kitchen or bathroom is laid out properly to maximize efficiency and save on any costly mistakes.
    • If you are getting a solid surface counter top – you will need a minimum of 24 hours for it to set prior to your faucet and plumbing being reconnected.
    • It takes time – Plan accordingly.
    • Ask family and friends!
    • Most important – have fun with it!

Some of your options for your kitchen and bathroom.

Stainless steel kindred kitchen sink and faucet set in an upgraded laminate counter with a very stylish and modern tile back splash.



4 foot walk in shower with glass doors.


American standard basin lavatory sink with a simple faucet set.


Undermount American Standard lavatory basin with a Moen single lever faucet.


Corner Shower with glass sliding doors.


Closeup of the corner glass sliding doors for the shower.


Kitchen faucet and drinking water with an undermount stainless steel sink.


4 foot shower with glass sliding doors slightly frosted


Bathtub with glass sliding doors slightly frosted.


Custom bathroom sink and faucet for a powder room.


Undermount sink and faucet.


Whirlpool tub installed ready for the tile or skirt.

Pull out kitchen faucet with drinking water and upgraded undermount kitchen sink.


Kitchen bar faucet and dual sink – one side is larger than the other – perfect for prep !


Custom bathroom fixtures.


Custom tiled shower with slide shower bar.


Kitchen bar faucet.


Pull out faucet showing the wand coming out of the faucet and the water on.

Toilets are available in colours other than white.


Bathroom sink faucet.


Custom tiled shower complete with body jets, rain shower head and slide shower bar.


Bathtub surround with shower bar and angled shower curtain rod.


Farm house kitchen sink with a pull out kitchen faucet.


Stainless steel sink and faucet set ready to be connected to the plumbing.