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Carbon Monoxide Safety & Prevention | TSSA

Thank you to TSSA for sending out information to homes and businesses last week.

This is what came out to the homeowners.

CO In the Mail

A great handy reminder the importance of having your furnace serviced.

This was sent out to businesses… so I had to ensure I shared with our customers!

Wondering where you should install CO Detectors and what gives off CO? Here is an excellent diagram to answer your questions to help you ensure your home and business are safe!

CO Pictures-2

CO Pictures-1

Common Sources of CO in your home…

1. Furnace
2. Gas* Water Heater
3. Gas* Dryer
4. Gas* Fireplace
5. Gas* Stove
6. Car
7. BBQ
8. Blocked Vents or Chimney

*Gas is Natural Gas and Propane

It is very important to have an annual inspection for all fuel-burning appliances in your home by a licensed and experienced gas technician.

Install Carbon Monoxide Alarms on your main living floor and by all bedrooms – if there are bedrooms in the basement ensure there is at least one detector in the hall by the bedrooms.

For more information see www.COSafety.ca

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