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How comfortable is your home comfort system?

The fall is upon us, personally my favourite time of year! Warm sunshine, cool nights, gorgeous colours, whats not to love! Cool evenings, snuggled under a blanket or sitting beside a roaring campfire or indoors with a gas fireplace, its a wonderful time of year!


For us its also a very exciting and busy time as heating season begins!!!

Did you know that your furnace, air conditioner, HRV and humidifier all work together along with your thermostat? Investing in a home comfort system is truly an investment into your home, especially if your equipment is 15+ years old.

It is especially important in newer homes or renovated homes to ensure proper circulation and ventilation of the air within the home. Many new homes and renovated homes are sealed to ensure proper energy efficiency with heating and cooling systems. Potential drawbacks is if an HRV is not installed, the air within the home will become stale and could potentially cause issues with illnesses etc. Homes need to breathe – properly with the equipment designed to also keep your family safe!

With the use of an energy efficient heating system combined with an HRV you can rest assured your family will breathe easier and be much more comfortable. How? An HRV exchanges air with the outside, through a filter. Your HRV vents are located within the washrooms, laundry room and kitchen of the home – all rooms where you want to ensure moisture, smells and potential air borne germs can be hanging out.

Home comfort doesn’t just rely on an HRV, your home heating system is very important, especially remembering to change your filters! All the air within your home travels through your heating system (for forced air heat), this air comes through your cold air returns, through your heating system and comes out your heat registers in your home. While cycling through the heating system various particles, dirt etc is caught. The more dirt and particles that are caught in the filter, the harder it is for your heating system to work efficiently and properly. If a filter becomes plugged this can be dangerous and burn out your heating system! Whats worse is if this happens in the middle of winter!!!

As a Lennox Premier Dealer we can assure you we will be here for many more years and we can assure you we only offer quality products with the availability of a 10 year extended complete care warranty as well as very affordable financing options with the option to pay any amount at anytime with no penalties!

Check out some tips from Lennox about Considering A Home Comfort System.

We Are The Home Comfort People! … Stay comfortable 🙂

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