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Winter Lennox Promotion ~ Save on utilities by upgrading your system!

Some people do not realize just how much you can save by upgrading your old heating system! If you think about just how much your system operates for a minimum of 6 months of the year, a couple or few of those months working very hard in the dead of winter. Or how much you could save converting from oil to propane… that is if natural gas is not available to you.

Our 1st Promotion of the New Year 2013 has officially began! On a very fitting day as well at -12…

Winter Lennox Promotion

Give Mike a call for your no-obligation quote. He will come to your home, measure and then provide you with your options. We also offer financing with the option of paying it off entirely or additional payments with no penalty!

Staying Warm In The Cold Temperatures – Winter is here!

The cold winter temperatures are here and will continue dropping this weekend (as per the weather man that is)!.

This means your heating system is going to be working harder – it really has had it easy this winter season up until now 😉 To ensure your system is working efficiently and air is circulating properly throughout your home there are a few things you need to do…

  1. Change your filter – this should be done every 2-3 mths or every 1 month during heating season.
  2. Ensure your vents are clear inside – this includes your heat registers inside your home (where the heat comes out of – typically on an exterior wall) and also your cold air returns (where air returns to the furnace to be re-heated and circulated – typically on an interior wall of the room). Vacuum your vents during heating season, you might be surprised how much dust and pet hair can be sucked up into them. Take off the registers and clean inside the duct, this is where alot of dust and pet hair likes to hide as well!
  3. Ensure your vents are clear outside – this is where your heating system vents outdoors, if these vents get covered by snow or even plants your furnace can suffocate/over heat and it could cause serious damage.
  4. Ensure your heating system has room in your mechanical room… do not crowd it with boxes or whatever else you may store in your basement. Yes its not the most attractive piece of equipment but it needs space to work properly.

We highly recommend having your furnace cleaned prior to the heating season – August/September to ensure you are ready ! This will not stop any malfunctions or breakdowns, however it will prevent it … “preventative maintenance” and will ensure the system is operating properly and efficiently as per the manufacturer. Many times the manufacturer may not cover a part under warranty (even if within the warranty period) if the furnace has not been properly maintained. This is very similar to how the car manufacturer’s work as well. Our technicians do perform cleanings all year round, however in the midst of heating season (December/January) it is more difficult to ensure timely service for our cleanings. To schedule your heating and cooling system annual cleaning please contact us and we will put you on our service list, preferably for the Spring, Summer and Fall :).

We are the home comfort people who service what we sell and more! At JJ McLellan and Son we are here to help you out with all of your service, repair and new installation for plumbing and heating.

Give us a call at 1-866-565-5513 or www.jjmclellan.ca.

Thinking of Home Improvements or Upgrades? Smart Spending & Saving!

By upgrading your HVAC equipment you can not only save money on your utilities you can live more comfortably as well. For many this is a well thought out process where they price out a few different people and take their time to do research, think about it, plan for the expense. For some its an emergency repair or replacement that they have not planned for…

For anyone, upgrading your home’s HVAC System it is costly, this is a major part of your home. This winter we have already had a handful customers who were in emergency situations to replace furnaces which were unsafe or died, unfortunately we also had some others who we weren’t able to help due such a high demand we had for heating calls or replacements. Our technicians and both Jamie (owner + tech) and Mike (sales) all had a very very busy time of course in between the various flu bugs that were also going around!

With income tax refund time right around the corner, I read this great piece of information from Readers Digest…

Make your new year’s resolution to save more money this year. Here are a few steps to get you started.

1. Divy up any unexpected income.

When you have a windfall — a bonus, gift, or extra cash for extra work — use the rule of thirds to determine how to use it: • One third for the past. Use one third to pay down debt you owe. • One third for the future. Put a second third immediately into some sort of savings or investment. • One third for the present. Use the final third to make a home or personal improvement or purchase you want. If you follow this rule, you’ll see your debt shrink and your savings grow, and you won’t feel deprived.

Lucky for our customers we do offer them financing options that are much more affordable than using a credit card AND gives you the option of paying off as much as you want over and above your affordable monthly payment. I thought of not only myself but also some of our customers who may have had an emergency/unplanned repair or replacement. By using this thirds rule you can not only still make some improvements in your home you can also eliminate part of your debt!

At JJ McLellan & Son, We are your home comfort people offering you complete peace of mind for all your Plumbing & Heating Service, Repair and Installations! We service what we sell AND MORE!

Quality vs Quantity… When Product & Pricing Collide

“It is quality rather than quantity that matters.”

When you go shopping for a new vehicle or an expensive electronic do you automatically go for the lower price or do you, price around and factor all the pro’s and con’s before making a final decision?

We strongly urge our customers to do this when it comes to your Home Comfort as well.

Our Comfort Advisor, Mike Johnson, will provide our customers with options, within these options are key factors pricing, efficiency, warranty, brand and business.

Pricing – Value you get for your money. This is an investment.

Efficiency – Saving money on your utilities while the system operating quietly and comfortably.

Warranty – What if… there is always a what if, no matter if its your HVAC System in your home, your vehicle, your computer, your phone, your camera, kids toys, tv etc etc there will always unfortunately be the “lemon”. Read the fine print to know what you are and are not covered for AND what you could purchase to ensure you ARE covered given any “what it’s”.

Brand – Research the company brand names. Ask your friends and neighbours. Unfortunately it is common for some of the “off” brands to not be in business very long and that could leave you in a difficult situation if even 5-10 years later you need parts. Parts may not be available any longer or could cost a lot of money. Does the brand name offer any rebates ?

Business – Research the company before you do business with them. How long have they been around. Are they going to be around for service in 6mths, 1 yr, 5 yrs or even 10 or 20. Does the business who wants to sell you the equipment provide service? Unfortunately there are many businesses out there who merely sell product and will not stand behind it if you have any issues.

One thing we stress to our customers is although the price may be lower for an “off brand” if you ever need repairs or parts, this could present you with quite the issue and end up costing a LOT more! Sometimes customers are lucky and they are able to use a “generic” part on their system which costs significantly less than the brand name (which isn’t as readily available as others).

Although an “off-brand” may cost you less in the beginning, this could end up costing you a LOT more in the end in your comfort (noise level, operation), parts and service. We are thankful that we do have wonderful suppliers to work with to source parts, however what we can run into is a delay due to the sourcing and shipping of the parts once they are finally located. It really is heart breaking having to tell someone their part is going to take days or weeks to come in.

As a Lennox Premier Dealer for over 50 years we stand behind any product made by Lennox – they do offer a variety of Good-Better-Best options which can suite our customer’s needs. We also offer a Complete Care Warranty Package which covers you for 10 years parts and labour – one and only “catch” with this warranty is to have it cleaned once a year – which should be done anyway!

We can also offer affordable financing through SNAP Financial for your home comfort needs! Offering very affordable payments and the option of paying it off whenever you want in the 10 years!

Your home heating, cooling & plumbing system is an investment into your home and your well being!

Introducing SNAP by J.J. McLellan and Son ~ Home Comfort Options

SNAP is the fast, flexible, easy way to pay for your heating, cooling and indoor air quality needs without having to wait. It’s the consumer-friendly financial program endorsed by your local dealer.

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    • Low Monthly Payment Programs
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  • Easy deductions from your bank account
  • Take up to 10 years to pay.

Start Saving Money NOW!

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