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Stay warm even when the power goes out! | Regency Gas Fireplace

With all the Hurricane Sandy talk, images being shared online, wind and rain warnings the question has crossed many minds of – what if the power goes out! Will I be able to stay warm?

Regency Fireplaces can keep you warm! From their website FAQ:

Yes. All our Regency gas fireplaces, inserts and stoves are designed to operate during a power failure. 
Give Mike a call at the office to talk about more benefits of the Regency Gas Fireplace (Natural Gas & Propane).


Faucet Selector Tool || Moen

Faucet Selector from Moen

Considering all your options available for replacing your bathroom or kitchen faucets, Moen has made it that much simpler for you!

Begin with your style selection… to help narrow the results!

  • Just the Basics
  • Clean & Contemporary
  • Classic
  • Sleek & Sophisticated

Next you can select within your budget… finish & features!

Only step left after you select your faucet is to give a call to have it installed 😉


Working in Rural Wellington – Living here is good, Working here is great!

We are at the “Working in Rural Wellington” event tonight to showcase opportunities we have within our company currently and also what it takes to work in the Plumbing and HVAC trades!

There is still time to come on over… also be sure to sign up for the Northern Wellington Young Professionals as well (they have some awesome food and a handy gift 😉 )

We are hiring for a gas technician!

Toddler dies after falling into uncovered septic tank | Pumper Magazine – Dedicated to the Liquid Waste Industry

An awful way to be reminded of the safety required with septic tanks. Even with the lids, they must be covered at all times to ensure the safety of any children, adults and animals.

We do required the lids to be accessible for pumping out your septic tank, however please do take all precautions when preparing your tank for the cleaning. Children are curious and very innocent. This is such a tradegy for this 2 year old.

Inspect your lids and ensure they are solid with no cracks or broken pieces. If you require new lids or would like an inspection please give us a call at 1-866-565-5513.

Toddler dies after falling into uncovered septic tank | Pumper Magazine – Dedicated to the Liquid Waste Industry.

HELP WANTED || Gas Technician (licensed with experience)

Looking for a full time job in our rural area and town of Mount Forest? If you have your gas license and experience look no further! Give us a call – we now have a full time position open for a licensed gas technician for installations and future service.

You can see the ad here… JOB BANK POSTING

HIRING || Gas Technician for Installation & Service

Hiring a licensed gas technician for installation and service.

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To buy or not to buy… protection plans & extended warranty!

I am a big believer in extended warranties for anything worth saving for… furniture, heating & cooling equipment, large appliances, vehicle and yes even my camera. I can personally advise from experience how beneficial an extended warranty can be for YOU!

My personal experience comes from when we bought our new living room furniture 3.5 yrs ago, we invested in the fabric care warranty (with kids and a dog it was a must!) AND the furniture we bought came with a 5 year warranty on the mechanical components of the recliners. Last night I sat on the couch, extended the foot rest and the entire seat of the couch twisted. With the extended warranty there is no worry about out of pocket expenses, we are covered and new parts will be delivered and installed! We also have had to use the fabric care warranty with marker stains on our couch… lovely budding artists we have 😉

With our Complete Care Warranty we can offer you complete peace of mind and home comfort for 10 years! Your parts and labour are covered. The only thing you need to do is regularly maintain your system – just like your vehicle!

Give Mike a call for more information 1-866-565-5513 . We can provide warranty on brand new and/or existing equipment!!!