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Being Energy Efficient || Mount Forest Plumbing & Heating

Becoming more energy efficient is more than just changing a few light bulbs and caulking your windows. Being energy efficient is becoming a way of life and holds much more value than just energy savings on your monthly utility bill.

saveONenergy.ca recommends having the following:
  • lighting control products
  • energy star qualified light bulbs
  • power bars with integrated timers or auto shut off’s – I just may have to check this one out!
  • energy star qualified light fixtures
  • energy star qualified ceiling fans
  • programmable thermostats – especially for electric baseboard heaters
  • weatherstripping
  • heavy duty outdoor timers
  • outdoor umbrella stands or clotheslines
  • insulation blankets for electric water heaters
  • pipe wrap for hot water pipes
Now… taking all of that into consideration… think of where and what they are all related to and when you use them most! Some of our suggestions are:
  • When you seal up any leaks with weather stripping this can save energy on your heating and less wear and tear on your furnace.
  • When using your clothesline or alternative to dry your clothing have your gas dryer serviced – you would be amazed at the amount of lint build up internally which could possibly cause a fire and require more energy.
  • You can save even more energy with your hot water heater by having it serviced regularly! Dirt, Dust and Lime build up (internally) can occur over time gradually lessening your hot water available through your tank.
  • With spring coming your furnace will soon be getting a well deserved break from the heating season – however do not forget about it until next heating season, ensure you call to have it cleaned and serviced so you are ready and running more efficient for when it is time to fire up the furnace again!
  • While calling to book your cleaning and servicing for your furnace ask us for the number of our local Duct Cleaner for the heating and return air ducts in your home. By removing any dust, dirt, dander etc from the ducts your reduce the amount of particles going through or getting stuck in the furnace filter.
  • While we are on the topic of your furnace filter now that Spring is fast approaching us – and hopefully the warmer temps are on the way as well – change your furnace filter!
  • Also do not forget to book a cleaning and servicing for your gas fireplace!
Please remember to work on gas appliances the technician must be fully licensed – give us a call to book your servicing today! Not only will you save energy, this can extend the life of your equipment by being properly maintained and taken care of.
Now that heating season will soon be coming to an end – could it possibly be time to replace your 15+ year old system? Click HERE to View our current promotions! Or Contact us in our Showroom and we can go over your own requirements, budget, current system and available options!

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