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Smart Meters

So I came home from work the other day and found this little package simply hanging from our door knob handle. It was telling us that our Smart Meter had been installed and that at this time nothing would change.

Last evening I was reading through the package and it gave some very helpful and smart changes you can make to save energy and therefore save money!
Your electric appliances are now going to cost you more. Especially since you use most of them in the peak hours – such as your stove, hot water heater, lights and heat. It would be difficult to change to eat at either 4pm or 10pm at night. However… there are somethings you can do to help with this!
Install a Gas Stove, replace your electric hot water heater with a gas hot water heater, update your light bulbs (for that you just go to the hardware store 😉 ), update your heating system. Although some of these can be quite expensive, with the Home Energy Audit you can recover some of your costs through Government Rebates!
The booklet also gives some tips to help you right now
-Keep your heating/cooling system equipment in good repair
-Check for drafts and leaks
-Install a programmable thermostat
-Consider a fan for cooling
-Keep your curtains closed in the summer and open in the winter
Consider taking advantage of the Home Energy Audit to benefit from the savings!

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