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Electricity Efficiency Tips

Congratulations to those of you who were able to take advantage of the Home Renovation Tax Credit as the deadline is this weekend! It may not seem like a huge amount – but for something that you had to do in your home anyway – please do take advantage of this and ensure you have all of your receipts ready for your accountant at tax time!

What a winter we have been having! During these cold months when our heating system is operating all the time, we want to be sure that our system is not only operating properly and efficient but that the rest of our home is as efficient as it can be as well. Afterall if there are air leaks in your home, your heating system will be operating that much more and harder to keep up with the temperature your thermostat is set at.

For some excellent tips for not only your home, check out this link Every Kilowatt Counts – Tools and Tips . There is a wealth of information for your home, appliances, offices, lighting, pools etc!

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