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A Cold and Snowy January 2010!

We hope you all had a very relaxing and fun filled Christmas season and happy new year!

The clock is ticking on getting your renovations complete if you want to take advantage the Home Owner Tax Rebate ! We hope if you are taking advantage of this you also had an energy audit completed on your home as well to receive more incentives from the government.

With all the snow we are getting, along with no heat calls, there are a few things you as a home owner can check before you call us to ensure we have all the proper information:

-Check your vents outside to ensure they are not blocked (or full) of snow
-Its good if you know the Make and Model of your heating system
-Age of your heating system
-Has the filter been changed recently?
-Is it possible the breaker went off?

Also be sure if you are going away for longer than a day or two to have someone checking your home, all it takes is for something to go wrong with your furnace (or simply the snow plug the vents and the furnace go off) and if left for too long the pipes could freeze and burst causing a lot of damage. – Better to be safe than sorry! –

We have just completed some office renovations! Come in and check out our new show room with furnaces, an HRV, fireplaces and literature on whatever you could need for your home Plumbing or Heating related!

Take care and stay warm,

The Home Comfort People

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