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NOTICE : There is a company going around town today called MorEnergy. They come to your door and tell you they need to see your water heater to upgrade it. This company is NOT affiliated with us nor with Reliance (which is the company we do hot water heater repairs & installations for). This is an out of town company and you are under no obligation to let them into your home or show them your appliances. The Chamber of Commerce has been notified as it is unknown if this company has a permit to be doing this in town.

Rainy and Mild November

So far the start to the winter isn’t too bad. Unless your a cold and snow lover (unlike me). Id rather enjoy the beautiful mild weather, snow isn’t bad as long as its not bitter cold! With this mild weather its good to ensure your sump pumps are working properly, especially if we get snow and then a thaw, easiest way for water to get into basements and for flooding to happen if you aren’t prepared!

Have you booked your Furnace/Heating System for a Fall Clean and Service Check-over? Preventative maintenance is the best way to ensure you wont get stuck in the cold. Although there is never a guarantee something may fail, its always best to have it checked and serviced at the very minimum every 2 years.

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World Toilet Day

Today is World Toilet Day, a perfect time to stop and remind ourselves what an important role plumbing – and the rest of the mechanical industry – plays in proper sanitation and health. So whether you’re in plumbing, hydronics, HVAC or refrigeration, take some time to pat yourself on the back today.

The World Toilet Organization (WTO) has declared Nov. 19 World Toilet Day, a day to raise awareness about the necessity of toilets and sanitation in developed and developing countries. According to the WTO, lack of access to proper sanitation kills 1.8 million people, mostly children, per year. In Canada, sanitation systems protect us from such vulnerability, but as a result it becomes easier to take this luxury for granted. According to the Canadian Toilet Organization, Canadians use 65 per cent of their indoor home water in the bathroom and flush one third of it down the toilet. Visit the links above for more information.