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Cozy Spring and Summer Nights

The warm weather has been here and is on its way back – hopefully to stay. As we know there are those cold spring and summer nights… what better way to enjoy a cool night at home than the warm cozy feeling of a natural gas or propane fireplace!

A gas/propane Fireplace are instant heat! When you are not using the room they are in you can turn the thermostat down and only turn it up when you require the heat. With Summer on its way many are thinking of Air Conditioning – we will definetly be needing it, however now is also a great time to think about those cool spring and summer nights or even prepare yourself for next winter, its inevitable it will be back!

And remember a new Gas/Propane Fireplace from Regency will also count towards the Home Renovation Rebate!

The Top 5 Reasons to choose Regency www.regency-fire.com

1. Beautiful, Quality Heating Solutions – Regency fireplaces add value to your home being amongst the finest in the world! For every fireplace in your home, Regency has planted a tree and helped restore an ecological balance.

2. Cut your Fuel Bills in Half – Turn down your furnace and enjoy high efficiency heat in the rooms you spend the most time in. Heat a small area or an entire home, easily controlled with a Regency wall thermostat or remote control.

3. Storm Proof Your Home – Have peace of mind with Regency, even during power outages. All Regency gas products continue to operate with no electricity, keeping your home heated through seasonal storms. With Regency, you will always be safe and warm.

4. Warmth in Every Room – Multiple installation options allow you to adapt your customized fireplace to any unique location. Upgrade a drafty masonry fireplace with an efficient gas heater or install without a chimney. Have peace of mind with Regency’s Limited Lifetime Warranty!

5. Design Your Own Regency – Check out our showroom for information or online here at Regency Fire to see everything that is offered! Also refer to the website for any ongoing specials Regency may have.