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Is Spring Really Here?

Check out our website https://www.jjmclellan.ca/ for some Spring and Summer Tips for your home and heating/cooling systems to ensure your equipment and home is as efficient as possible!

You can also check out the Lennox website at http://www.lennox.com/owners/tips/ for some Tips from Dave Lennox for Spring and Summer as well as Fall and Winter…

Care and Maintenance
Checklist for Spring and Summer
Checklist for Fall and Winter
Seven Ways to Make Your Home More Comfortable

* Remember when you’re checking out the list of additional ways to save Energy keep in mind the 2009 Tax Rebate as well as the Energy Home Audit Rebate – for the Energy Home Audit you first must have a qualified Auditor assess your home – ensure you do this or you cannot collect the rebate. Now is the time to look into upgrading your heating and cooling equipment or even your windows, doors etc to take advantage of the “double dip” for the Tax Rebate and Energy Audit!!!

Saturday and Sunday this weekend are supposed to be gorgeous in the 20C’s !
Check out the links above to assist in your Spring Cleaning Checklist… it’s often too easy to forget about our heating and air conditioning systems until you run into a problem, preventative maintenance can not only extend the life of your system but can also help prevent any breakdowns in the middle of air conditioning season 😉

Happy Spring Cleaning!

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